Verified Security Company
Dedicated Provider of Security Solutions
Gorilla Defence has been established after years of hardwork, passion and research in defence industry. We believe in trust that we always gives to our clients to operate our armored vehicles and security services in challenging environment with peace of mind. Gorilla vehicles has been proven to be reliable and most trusted.

Gorilla Armored Vehicles has been manufactured under internationally recognized ballistic and impact tests of certified ballistic steel and glass of higher quality. Gorilla Defence is dedicated provider of security solutions with 100% safety records. All of our vehicles and security equipment has been deployed by armed forces, diplomats, security companies and VIPs all over the world. When it’s about saving someone’s life. We take no compromise in quality.

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Military APC
& Anti-Riot Control Vehicles
After years of endeavors, with hard work and dedication on research and development, Gorilla and its alliances came up with multiple models of APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) based on platforms of TLC 79, TLC 200, Toyota Tundra and Ford F Series Trucks. And Riot Control and Command Vehicles based on Ford F Series and Mercedes Actros Truck.
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Armored Vehicles
Team Gorilla and its alliances are proud to have strong tacit knowledge and experience in commercial armored vehicles. Gorilla offers multiple range of armored vehicles for every client and their usage. From security armored vehicles for security companies, agencies, low profile movement, cash in transit or private NGOs and Oil & Gas operating in war zone areas to Luxury armored vehicles for Embassies, Ministries, VIP delegates or Leaders of countries.
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Non-Armored Vehicles
Gorilla deals in both Left hand & Right hand drive vehicles. We can supply till your port anywhere in the world. We supply from Toyota, Lexus, Ford, GMC to Luxury Vehicles of Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Audi to Exotic Vehicles Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bentley.
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Military Equipment
Gorilla offers range of military equipment that suites every client to fulfill their requirement. These military range of products have been upgraded as per current threat level and how notorious mindsets using high tech resources for destruction.
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Armored Vehicle Parts
Gorilla not only provide vehicle and armored vehicle solution but also high performance parts for them. This strategy makes Gorilla stronger with strong after sales and warranty claims. We have Ballistic solutions and high performance parts.
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Luxury Upgrade
“With Gorilla Be-spoke exclusive luxury vehicles, you will feel like Kind of the World”
This is all about bringing your dream car to life, to treat you what you deserve. Gorilla works closely in order to custom design your standard vehicle and turn them in to Exclusive luxury Vehicle.
Armored Vehicle Maintenance
Gorilla ensures that your armored or non-armored vehicle performs well in any terrain or circumstances either with our maintenance service contracts along with performance parts packages or at time of replacing glass, suspension, brakes or any upgrade parts at your doorstep or nearest authorized Gorilla dealership in your country.
Worldwide Logistics
Team Gorilla always strive to facilitate clients to give door to door / port to port delivery solution so client would not have to deal with multiple vendors and have hassle free experience. Moreover, we assist in logistics services by road, ship or air with / without insurance and customs clearance services in multiple countries.
Security & Driver Training
Gorilla team has warzone experienced and military trained veterans from USA, UK, South Africa and Pakistan. These actual GORILLAZ shall be added advantage to give professional and hardcore training to your personnel at your facility. These training consists of both Driver & vehicle maintenance.